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Our system for managing employee transportation offers many benefits designed to meet various client needs

Our solutions are their Primary  Choice
Enterprise-grade data security
Transfrom your business

Tailored to Your Brand

Enjoy branded apps and tailor-made customization to fit your specific needs.



Benefit from competitive pricing, offering exceptional value for your employee transport management needs.


Seamless Integrations

Enhance functionality by seamlessly integrating with third-party software systems.


Reliable Technology

Rely on a robust technology stack chosen for its scalability and reliability.


Expert Support

Our dedicated technology team will collaborate with you to ensure a smooth implementation process.


Informed Decision-Making

Gain access to actionable analytics, providing valuable insights and KPIs for data-driven decisions.

Achieve a remarkable 17%  cost  reduction for a leading IT/BPO company with a nationwide presence.

Assess Risk – Reduce it

Actively monitors women employees travelling and raise alarms in case of any deviation. Automated Safe Reach Confirmation. Compliance Management Module.


Cost - Reduce Wastage

Patented routing & cab allocation technology reduces excess vehicles. Paperless trip sheets. Saving paper and storage space. Electronic capturing of data removes anomalies and reduces leakages.


Improving Employee Satisfaction

Employees love mobile app; to schedule themselves and track their cabs. Reduced Travel Time due to efficient Routing. Enhance employee engagement with our integrated fourth gen AI chatbot.

Smart transportation solutions for efficient management of employee commute
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Flexible and Modular Pricing

Our modular pricing options for the Transportation Management System (TMS) and related applications allow clients to pay for the specific features they need, ensuring cost-effectiveness.

Proven Track Record

Extensive testing has shown that our Transport Management System delivers approximately 10% savings compared to competitors, reflecting our commitment to cost-saving solutions with top performance and reliability.

Superior Routing System

Our benchmark routing system surpasses competitors, optimizing transportation routes for time and resource savings.

Seamless Integration

We offer quick integration capabilities, enabling smooth replacement of existing systems and hardware without disruptions to operations.

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