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An all-encompassing approach to automate, streamline, ensure safety, and enhance transparency in employee transport management operations.

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How  it  Works?


Employees utilize their corporate account credentials within the app to schedule the rides.


Trips are allocated to drivers either manually by the transportation manager or automatically via the dispatch mode.


Transportation managers can efficiently oversee, manage, and track all trip activities through a centralized dashboard.

An  All-  Inclusive Platform

Platform-specific apps

Enhance employee commute with intuitive applications for a seamless experience.

Path Schedule

Workers have the ability to review information regarding authorized routes, stops, and schedules.


Guarantee a smooth commuting experience for your staff through intuitive applications.

On-demand Reservations

Ability to submit spontaneous trip requests.

Details of the journey

Pertinent trip information, like driver profile, pickup and drop-off locations, and vehicle identification, is provided.

Tracking of vehicles

Live monitoring of the designated vehicle's location on a map, along with precise estimated time of arrival (ETA) data.

Alerts and notifications

Employees stay informed of crucial updates, such as changes in vehicles, through timely alerts.

Urgency Switch

Initiate an emergency alert directly from the application in case of urgent situations.

Feedback on trips

Implementation of a review and rating system to collect employee feedback.

Assistance and Support

Facilitate seamless connection between employees and your transportation assistance desk.

Access Scheduled Journeys

Drivers have the ability to see a roster of all forthcoming trips designated to them.

Pickup/Drop Info

Employee Roster with Pick/Drop Info for Smooth Service.

Control Availability

Drivers have the option to become unavailable when they prefer not to receive trip assignments.

Assisted Navigation

Guarantee smooth employee pickup and drop-offs with straightforward navigation.

Alerts and Notifications

Drivers receive real-time updates regarding assigned trips and any modifications.

Monitoring Income & Performance

Drivers have access to their trip earnings and relevant statistics for a specific timeframe.

Panic Button

Drivers have the capability to trigger a distress signal in case of an emergency.

Customer Care

Drivers can contact your transport assistance desk as needed.

Control Center

Transportation administrators are provided with a robust web interface to centrally oversee all employee transportation operations.

Tracking of trips

Administrators have the capability to monitor all current trips along with pertinent details consolidated in a single location.

Roster Management

The administrator has the ability to generate rosters for daily, weekly, and monthly transportation requirements for all types of employees.

Route Management

Establish predetermined routes with designated pick-up and drop-off points.

Request Management

The administrator has the ability to review and either approve or reject transportation requests made by employees.

Fleet Management

Add and oversee all vehicle information within your transportation fleet.

Driver Management

The administrator can access a roster of all drivers along with their current status.

Employee Management

Keep a record of employees including their trip history and other pertinent details.

Billing Management

View and oversee all trip expenditures, customize expense calculation settings, and perform additional tasks.

Reporting and Analysis

Obtain valuable statistics and numerical data to enhance operational insights and analysis.

Admins' Mobile Application

An optional mobile application for administrators to efficiently manage operations while on the move.

Masking of Numbers

Enable drivers and employees to connect without requiring the exchange of phone numbers.

Confirmation of Safe Delivery

A functionality allowing employees to verify safe arrival through OTP authentication or IVR call.

Prepared for Audit

Maintain audit readiness in your operations with a comprehensive log for every single trip.

Tailored Billing System

Support for widely used billing models such as trip-based, route-based, package-based, and kilometer-based billing.

How our Routing  Engine transforms and modernizes your transportation operations

Precise estimations of pickup times

Cutting-edge routing algorithm for optimal vehicle usage

Reinforcement learning method for analyzing historical data

Route editor equipped with user-friendly.

Smart transportation solutions for efficient management of employee commute
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Frequently Asked questions  

Discover the Ins and Outs of Employee Commute Solutions with FalconAVL

What does an Employee Transport Management System (ETMS) involve?

An ETMS efficiently manages employee transportation services, including route planning, vehicle tracking, scheduling, vendor management, compliance monitoring, and reporting. It improves transportation efficiency and safety.

Why is an efficient employee commute vital?

It boosts productivity, reduces absenteeism, and creates a positive work environment by easing commuting hassles and enhancing safety. It also aids in talent retention and supports environmental sustainability goals.

What features are essential in transport management software?

Route planning, real-time tracking, scheduling, vendor and driver management, billing, safety features, and analytics tools are crucial.

Who benefits from FalconAVL's transport management system?

Both employees and employers benefit from FalconAVL's system, enjoying convenient scheduling, real-time tracking, safety features, and increased operational efficiency.

How does FalconAVL promote sustainability?

FalconAVL supports sustainability by saving green kilometers and facilitating the transition to 100% EV fleets. The EV Dashboard provides insights, reinforcing their commitment to a greener future.

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