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Efficiently Manage Employee Transport Operations

Streamline and enhance employee transportation operations for businesses with our comprehensive Employee Transport Management software. Effectively schedule and manage pick-up/drop-off, real-time vehicle tracking, and automate tasks for increased productivity.

An all-inclusive offering that caters to your every requirement

Our software automates the entire process of routing, allocating vehicles in the most optimal, efficient, and safest way possible. We also offer an easy drag-and-drop feature that allows you to modify routes using our edit function.

What makes FalconAVL your best choice?

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Smart transportation solutions for efficient management of employee commute 

Achieve a remarkable 17% cost reduction for a leading IT/BPO company with a nationwide presence.

Assess Risk
– Reduce it

Actively monitors women employees travelling and raise alarms in case of any deviation.
Automated Safe Reach Confirmation.
Compliance Management Module.

- Reduce Wastage

Patented routing & cab allocation technology reduces excess vehicles.
Paperless trip sheets. Saving paper and storage space.
Electronic capturing of data removes anomalies and reduces leakages.

Improving Employee Satisfaction

Employees love mobile app; to schedule themselves and track their cabs.
Reduced Travel Time due to efficient Routing.
Enhance employee engagement with our integrated fourth gen AI chatbot.

How our Routing Engine
transforms and modernizes
your transportation operations

Arrange a demo today to witness how Falcon AVL, our advanced vehicle tracking and management system, can assist in optimizing transportation operations and elevating overall efficiency.

Why choose us?

  • Flexible and Modular Pricing

    Our modular pricing options for the Transportation Management System (TMS) and related applications allow clients to pay for the specific features they need, ensuring cost-effectiveness.

  • Seamless Integration

    We offer quick integration capabilities, enabling smooth replacement of existing systems and hardware without disruptions to operations.

  • Superior Routing System

    Our benchmark routing system surpasses competitors, optimizing transportation routes for time and resource savings.

  • Proven Track Record

    Extensive testing has shown that our Transport Management System delivers approximately 10% savings compared to competitors, reflecting our commitment to cost-saving solutions with top performance and reliability.