Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is NPSVMS?

Vehicular Theft is a serious concern for any society and with the rising number of vehicles on our streets, the cases of thefts have also steadily increased. The North-East also has the dubious distinction of being the place where stolen vehicles from other parts of the country are brought and used under fake credentials, often for anti-social purposes. In order to address this issue, Nagaland Police has developed an IT System with the following objectives:

i.                    Maintaining a common repository of vehicular information of the following:




ii.                  Providing an SMS Gateway to provide these information to Field Personnel cheaply and quickly

iii.                Broadcast emergency messages to checkposts and patrols

iv.                 Provide an SMS Helpline to the Public for Quick Reporting of Vehicular thefts

2. How does it Work?

8415 900 400

In most cases of Vehicular theft, the first 24 hours are the most crucial and failure to react within this timeframe often results in an unrecovered vehicle. The NPSVMS will provide a facility for the Public to quickly inform the Department of theft cases via SMS to a Public hotline number 8415900400.

Via this service, a registered person can simple SMS the keyword LOST to 8415900400 and the details of his vehicle would be instantly sent to all checkposts in the state.


In order to access this service, one must complete a One-time Free Registration Process.

1.       Go to their nearest Police Station and collect the NPSVMS Registration Form or download it from


2.       Fill it up with the personal details of the person submitting the form and vehicular information of all the vehicles he/she would want to link with


3.       Visit the nearest Police Station personally for verification with the following :

a.       Original & Copy of ID Proof (Passport/ Driving License/ PAN Card/ AADHAR/ Voter ID)

b.      Copy of Registration Certificates (RC) of the vehicles to be linked


4.       A few days later, a confirmation SMS will be sent to the registered mobile number


To use the system, one can:

1.       SMS LOST to 8415900400                                              (in case only one vehicle is registered)

2.       SMS LOST Vehicle_Number to 8415900400           (in case more than 1 vehicle is registered)

Additionally one can type any other information at the end of the SMS that might help the Police.

Eg. messages:

LOST NL104567

LOST NL104567 from Naga Bazaar at 2:00PM Tuesday

LOST NL104567 from Mao Gate